Death and Television

I’ve always been drawn to television because it’s closest to how I experience life.

We don’t meet someone and experience everything with them in 2 hours. We form a first impression, start to like them, learn their secrets. Watch them grow. Each meeting pushing us forward.

But nowhere is this similarity more apparent than in death.

In movies, death is fireworks. Big, loud, tragic – lots of tears and pathos. I can’t relate to that. Thankfully (I think), no one I know has gone down in a blaze of glory.

In TV, there’s still the death, the pain. Sure. Funeral is next week. But after that, we have to live with the¬†absence.

You visit the same places, see the same people, but something is missing. At parties, graduations, around the club table, at Easter. Waiting for a voice, looking for a face, that isn’t there. Replaced by a tangible emptiness.

And we always hope they’ll come back. It was all fake. They’ve got a way, a plan, I know it. And when we see them again, goddamn, that moment is such a rush. Because that just doesn’t happen here.

Gonna miss you, man.


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