…and we’re back

I’ll keep the obligatory “where we’ve been post” short and to the point.

We’re working on an insane graphic novel called Hatch with JD Smith. It looks like this:

And it goes like this:

A rock star wakes up one morning to find that an impersonator has stolen his life. To discover the truth of what happened, he will have to unwind a conspiracy that dates back to the beginning of rock & roll.

Item 2: Balloond.

As some of you may know at my day job I work at a software company. I have chosen to use my powers for good and create a site to allow indie creators (like myself) to quickly and easily sell their comics digitally. I’m going to try not to talk too much about it on this blog in the future, but for now allow me to say: check it out!

Will be back next week with more critical stuff – thanks for the patience.


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